About Us

Niharika is a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. After majoring in Arts and economics, she found her true love to be design and space creation. She went on to do the three year design program at Rachna Sansad and worked with two architects before starting Polka House.

Polka House was founded by Niharika in 2015. Over the years, Polka's philosophy has always been space transformation along with a feeling of transportation. From designing numerous offices in buildings such as BKC One to creating 15,000 sqft call centers, Polka has completed various types of projects in the commercial space. 

In the residential segment, from doing luxury homes, Polka has also completed numerous children's nurseries and specializes in them. However, her absolute favorite is the holiday home in Khandala that has been designed in a complete Balinese style.

Niharika is also a travel and photography enthusiast. Baking is her secret love, and she often uses it as a stress buster! She has her own page on instagram - @polkahouse which is a curated catalogue of her design ideas, on going projects, holidays, recipes and all the things she loves!

Design to Niharika, is a combination of art and function with a side of quirk! She strongly believes spaces having all of the above, should also be an extension of the client's personality and should resonate with them.