Nurseries and children’s room spaces are slowly turning into havens for new parents. Thye’ve got the right mix of privacy, space and cozy that one needs with a baby on board. Some believe it should be more of a makeshift space while others feel that it’s vital to create a more permanent room for the little one. Join us while we break this school of thought for you, and tell you what to truly focus on. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while designing and curating that perfect nursery for your newborn and the new parent in you!

Identify a space

For a lot of people finding a designated nursery space always turns into a challenge. If you have a guest bedroom, no matter how big or small always remember there is nothing like having a separate room for your little one. Try and see the potential of the space! Secondly, a bedroom can always be created from scratch in you have a large living space. We did that for one of our clients and it turned out to be great.

Age Group

The age group for which nurseries are designed is typically 0-4 years. The whole design brief is largely dependent on the age of your little one. The requirements change as your child grows. A lot of times clients come back to us after 4-5 years asking for minor furniture changes based on their child’s current needs.

Furniture List

For a nursery these are the main pieces of furniture you would need:Bed – This can be a king size or single depending on the size of your room. However, if space permits, try and go for a larger bed since for the first 12 months you and your partner would be spending a lot of time in the space and most importantly spending nights there too.

Changing Table – This is a must have piece of furniture. It’s a game changer for all first time mommies. It’s a safe piece of furniture on which you can do diaper changes, wipe your child off after a shower and apply necessary creams on their body. It also has drawers and cabinets where all your baby’s daily essentials are stored. Attached below is an image of a custom changing table we designed for a client. PRO TIP: Always play with the knobs for the changing table; here’s your chance to incorporate cute elements in your child’s space.

End Tables – A lot of times people tend to avoid these on either side of their bed, but for a child’s room they are a must. It is the furniture item that has essentials such as your phone charges, water bottles, baby monitors and even a breast pump.

Basinet & Cot – The basinet is like a basket that is used for the first three months of the baby being born. It’s a lightweight piece of furniture that cab be moved around as per your convenience. The cot is used for a longer time, till your child fits into it and sleeps comfortably in it. Both these items are best bought out since it’s a hit or a miss. There is no guarantee that your child will sleep in it. So you can avoid shelling out a lot of money to get this customized.

Wardrobes & Storage - The things you mainly need to store for a toddler are its clothes, accessories and toys. While designing the wardrobe internals always remember that kids clothes are really tiny. They aren’t large and they don’t occupy too much space. So always remember to have two rows of hanger rods with drawers to create piles of clothes. The toy storage can be designed like a highlight piece to create a fun piece in the room.


The main advantage of doing a kids bedroom is the fun you can have with the themes. Themes can be unisex or gendered. While narrowing on a theme always keep the longevity of the theme in mind. It can be brought to life using wallpapers, wall paneling, curtains, rugs, wall accessories and a matching color scheme.

Color Scheme

The color palette of a nursery typically consists of pastel shades. Powder blues, pinks, yellows and greens. The whole point is that the colors need to be soothing. They need to such that give you and your child a sense of tranquility.

Lighting & Curtains

Mood lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting are all the types you need in a nursery. You’re waking up and sleeping at odd hours so your lights and curtains (preferably ones that have a black out option) should be equipped with that mode change. Along with that having the possibility of sheers with solid curtains really adds to the styling part of the space and helps bring out the color palette and theme.

Baby Proofing

Sharp edges, corners and hardware is not welcome in a child’s bedroom. From the designing and selection stage this needs to kept in mind. If you’re repurposing existing furniture, then you can always buy the corner safety edge guards online.