Bathrooms are turning out to be spaces that people are valuing more and more with each passing day. With extensive skin care routines, obsession with new automatic fittings and rain showers everyone is possessed! We did a fun interactive Bathroom Series on our Instagram stories and thought it just had to be documented here!

Powder Room Tips

Powder Rooms are areas can have a lot of fun with. It’s a space where you can cheat with materials and really go wild color combinations. Splurge or spend but don’t forget to have fun!

Luxury Bathrooms

Master Baths are all about being spacious, having ample light streaming in and having enough and more movement space. These are places where one can get completely ready and not worry about counter space!

Storage Ideas for Compact Bathrooms

Storage space for soaps, creams, towels, napkins and other daily items becomes extremely challenging in a compact bathroom. We’ve attached some great options for smart storage that will not further shrink the space. Have a look!

Material Matching

Choosing materials and getting the mood-board right for bathrooms can be a lot of fun. Really play with tiles, marble and mosaic. In order to the right mix of textures and patterns we’ve curated some images that could fit into most themes.

Color Schemes

Color is again a crucial part while designing any part of the house. Bathrooms are spaces that can take color to an extent but you need to be careful to not make the area feel smaller. Using good color combinations by adding bold colored walls or going for the basics can work depending on the theme being followed in the space.