Live, love, laugh are the three mantras to follow for a happy life and they all seem to come alive in the living rooms of all our homes. We’ve all been spending an awful amount of time quarantined at home and in some small way or the other we’ve started valuing spaces a lot more. There is this keen desire to transform and re-arrange living rooms so that it can cater to every member and every mood.

So let’s get to it! Here are SIX tips to help you transform and spruce up your living space. 


This is one the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spruce up your living room. You can always play with pattern, print and color. Don’t be afraid to explore and go a little wild, if you get bored or materials gets dirty you can always change it up. Also remember fabrics for furniture come in a wide range of prices, so there is a large pool to choose from!

T.V unit walls/ Reading walls

For many people having a television in their living room is essential. And more than often enough shelving or storage is created around to utilize the wall on which the TV is fixed. But what we forget is that this wall is actually your canvas to go crazy with. Make sure to add whatever you love as an accessory to this space. Hiding electrical wires coming out of devices connected to the TV is also essential. This keeps the space clean and neat. If you’re a book lover, this is the place to create your very own reading wall. Adding a lovely ladder to access books kept on higher shelves make the space look very cool! Try and keep this wall as interactive as possible, that way it makes your living room more alive!

Center Tables

A center table is the kind of furniture that really ties up your living space together. It acts as the focal point around which people enjoy their coffee and conversations.  Investing in a good center table that fits your requirements and style is a very good idea. Another pro tip to remember is that it should be appropriate for all the age groups that are interacting with it. For example having something with very sharp edges might not be the best idea with kids around or having something too low might not be the most comfortable and practical piece for elders.


Curtains are one of the most underestimated soft furnishing that people rarely pay attention to. They are responsible in adding height and width to your spaces. Since they tend to always cover atleast one wall, they need to be paid attention to. Changing them can truly elevate your space and give it that instant change.


Adding accessories to your space is hands down the quickest way to change things up. It adds quirk, spunk and nostalgia too. It can be in the form of artworks bought out or painted by you! It can also include cushion covers, throws, candles, vases, pots, or just collectibles that you treasure. I personally love the idea of having a collection of accessories that are connected with some memory of how/why/where I bought them. Another important accessory that can instantly shoot up the cozy level of a space are rugs! They make your space feel warm, comfortable and of course add that extra pattern and color!


No amount of nature in your home is ever enough. Having potted plants in different corners of your house is always a good idea. The idea of looking at fresh tones of green through the day whilst curling up with a book or a cup of chai is what I call a VIBE. There are tons of nurseries one could visit and believe me you will get what you’re looking for. I cannot stress enough on this tip, believe me it’s a game changer!